Creating A Legacy

AODÕ Scholarship

ScholarshipType: Art Scholarship

Categories: Anything Creative

Amount Availability:500

Eligibility Criteria Application Procedure

Applicants: Any artist/creative and any age. Creative should demonstrate a serious interest in art as well as outstanding ability, discipline and dedication through performance. Application forms are available at ( With application, you will also have to submit a body of work along with a brief statement (between 1-300 words) of his/her philosophy of aesthetic goals and objectives. Application Deadline Aug /2018.

Selection Procedure: Selection Deadline Notification of A Selected group of creatives from the C.A.L. Scholarship Committee will review the applications and select the recipient(s). You must be a person who is serious about your art and pursuing a career in art to apply. The recipient(s) will be announced In August/2018 and will be asked to present at Deborah AODO Hughes next 30 Ways celebration.

Creating A Legacy: AODÕ Scholarship AODO C.A.L Scholarship awards are determined on a competitive basis and require the submission of an art portfolio/body of work and artist’s statement. All Artists are encouraged to participate in this process.

PORTFOLIO: The portfolio should include 5 images of work in CD-Rom format, Macintosh compatible. If in video form a minimum of 3mins including intro and outro(if applicable). All materials should be labeled with artist’s name, title of each piece (if any), media, dimensions, and year completed. Portfolio artwork may include drawings, painting, photography, ceramics, digital works, mixed media, printmaking, video,cinematography,sculptures, and etcetera. Self-portraits, still lives and figure studies are recommended. Portfolios may include coursework or artwork created outside of art courses, preferably within the past two years.

ARTIST’S STATEMENT: The Artist’s Statement should include your reasons for wanting to be an artist or why you are, a description of your work , and your artistic goals. Your statement should be 1-300 words (double spaced and ok if longer) in length. Be sure to include your name at the top of your statement.  A letter of recommendation from a current or past person, familiar with your artistic qualifications should be included with the application.
A completed form along with your portfolio and artist’s statement by Dec/2018 to to be considered.

All donations are tax deductable…/CAL-personal-applicantions.docx