Debòrah V. Hughes





Teaching Experience in Stretching, Strengthening, and Conditioning

Teaching Experience in Hip Hop, Modern, Liturgical, Improvisational

Performance Experience in Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Hip Hop, Improvisational, African Dance ,ASM ,ACD and LCD






Level 3:16 Tour/Choreographer/Creative Director. Deborah  Hughes

Impact Atlanta/ New Orleans/Choreographer/Creative Director  Deborah  Hughes

T. Lang Dance Mother/Mutha/Costume Designer/Chor. T. Lang

T. Lang Dance Comp Post Up/Dancer/Chor. T. Lang

Sho Baraka/Dancer/Chor. Deborah Hughes

Destination Imagination/Choreographer/Creative Director Deborah Hughes

About Him/Choreographer/Creative Director  Deborah Hughes

Ballethnic Dance Company/Dancer/Chor. Nena Gilreath Waverly T. Lucas, II

Luke G./Dancer/Chor. Dominique Olagbegi

Good & Bad Hair School Daze/Dancer/Cho.Rob.A.Myers Director Tina A.Fears

Janelle Monae/Dancer/Director Alan Ferguson

Axam Dance Theatre/Dancer/Chor. Dawnn Axam

Black Nativity/Dancer/Actor/Director Thomas W. Jones II

Black Nativity/Dancer/Actor/Director Robert Corner

Mali, West Africa/Dancer/Chor. Omelika Kuumba

Flux/Dancer/Director Nick Cade

Salt/Dancer/Actor/Director  Aku Kadog

NBAF/Doxology/Dancer/Actor/Director-Paul Carter Harrison/Chor. Dianne Mclntyre/Music Director Dwight D. Andrews       







Drama with a Concentration in Dance Major, Spelman College, Atlanta, GA
Associate of Arts: Fashion Design, Bauder College,
 Deeply Rooted, Chicago, IL




Kelly Strayhorn Theater

G.O.A.T Farm

Southwest Arts Center

Fox Theatre

Tucker Theater

Paul Roberson Theater

Woodruff Art Center

Ferst Center For the Arts GT

Thalia Mara Hall

Township Auditorium

Dr. Phillips Cente




Dance BIO Deborah Hughes

If life in dance could be defined, it would be embodied within Debõrah.  She was born in Orangeburg and raised Greenwood in South Carolina to an artistic family that creatively influenced her love for the arts. She was exposed to everything from dance, fashion, music and drama. From those experiences growing up she knew this was something she wanted to do all her life. That is when she coined the phrase ARTrepreneur meaning pursing the business of Art. She has danced for various artists and companies from around the world, allowing her to travel with her craft. Please see a few of her accomplishments below:

Concert Stage

·       Ballethnic Dance Company  

·       Deeply Rooted Dance Company

·       PH Dance Company                

·       T. Lang Dance Company

·       Axam Dance Theatre


·       Luke G   

·       Mali Music                                                   

·        Sho Baraka                         

·       Janelle Monae  

·       Roman GianArthur                                         

·       Level 3:16

·       6wayst

·       IMDJKB

Film and Theatre


·       Dianne McIntyre

·       Paul Carter Harrison

·       Dwight D. Andrews

·       Nick Cade

·       Aku Kadogo

·       Movie/King Bolden

·       James Portier

·       Being Mary Jane

·       Survivor’s Remorse

·       Vampire Diaries

·       NBAF




She is active in the community as a youth dance instructor and freelance life coach. She has worked with Hands On Atlanta who develops low-income areas of Atlanta. She likes to think of herself as an independent philanthropist that builds people through her Art. Teaching them to obtain and maintain the confidence they’ll need to dance through life. She is very detailed in her observation and assessment of items and people. Debõrah says, “I love to interact with people from all different facets of life, as well as being able to handle multiple personalities. I enjoy trying different things and if called upon, I don’t mind speaking my opinion. I’m always looking to expand my career in dance.



Dancer/Company Member

·       T Lang Dance  2011 – Present

·       T. Lang Dance creates a poetic expression of dance, which illustrates deep, arousing investigations relevant to issues of identity, history and community. Through the vehicle of modern dance, Lang’s work communicates perspectives with a dance of humor, depth, and movement style that captures the attention of the viewer with its evocative physicality, technical range and emotional viability.



Dance Captain| Choreographer Strength & Conditioning Coach

·       Impact Conference 2010 – 2014

·       Impact is all about changed lives and fostering spiritual growth. We grow leaders, by making disciples, who serve and tell their story through evangelism. We work mainly on college campuses across the nation, but also invite anyone who is willing to take the truth of Jesus Christ to the world to join with us.



·       Axam Dance Company 2013 – Present

·       Axam Dance Theatre Experience, Atlanta, GA. 329 likes · 30 talking about this. Dawn Axam Founder/Artistic Director Salondia Aveni Executive Director/Production Manager Stephan Reynolds Assistant Artistic Director/Rehearsal Director Jelani A. Jones Company Ambassador Shoccara S. Marcus Company Photographer Jasmine Forest Performer Nia Lancelin Performer Tracy Vogt Guest Artist Meredith A.


Artistic Director and Dance Captain

·       Destination Imagination 2013 – present

·       Over 16,000 attendees celebrated the opening of 2013 Global Finals last night at Thompson Boling Arena.




·       Ballethnic Dance Company  2007 – 2008

·       Ballethnic Dance Company: The Urban Nutcracker- 2007

·       Ballethnic Dance Company: The Leopard’s Tale- 2008

·       The Ballethnic Dance Company is a professional ballet company founded in 1990 by Nena Gilreath and Waverly T. Lucas, II


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